From Pastor Benjamin:

Dear New Life,

If you were at one of the weekend services, you already heard the announcement of my upcoming transition from New Life to a church in Pennsylvania. It was with a measure of excitement that we made this announcement, but it was also mingled with sadness. I love New Life, and so does my family.

I thought it might be helpful to explain briefly how all this came about. In short, several months ago someone I know called me to ask if I would consider working at his church. My first reaction was, “No. I love New Life. And I’m not looking to leave.”

They said, “Fine, but could we just send you the job description? It’s unique. It’s for the role of Co-Senior Pastor. It would be splitting the preaching 50/50, as well as all other aspects of a senior pastorate.”

I said, “Well, I guess; if you send it, I can look it over.”

When I got the job description, I thought, Huh, God might be in this. And yet, my heart was put on a rollercoaster—excitement and fears, corkscrews and instability. What about the opportunities for significant ministry here at New Life? What of my twin desires for loyalty and longevity in a local church? What of the difficulties of moving, financially and relationally? These questions weighed heavy on me.

But as time went on, and conversations progressed, and through prayer and fasting, it seemed that indeed, God was in this. I hadn’t sought it out, but here it was.

And so, I’ll end where I started: I love New Life, and I wish you the best. And it is with sadness and excitement that we are moving on. Thank you for loving me so well.

Sincerely, Pastor Benjamin

From Pastor Greg:

Dear New Life,

I love Pastor Benjamin. I love him and Brooke and the kids. So if it’s hard for you to rejoice in their new calling, I can relate. I’d like them to stay.

But God is wise and it’s always good to celebrate what He is doing, even if we don’t get it at first. So we’ll send them off to Pennsylvania with our blessing and we’ll await the good things He has in store for us too.

As for the details of how this will affect New Life, Benjamin will be with us until his house sells and their transition can be made smoothly. We expect that will be around the end of January.

Meanwhile we will be praying, listening, and solidifying a job description for a person to join our New Life team. We will have that ready by January and then we’ll begin a search for the right person. It is hard to definitely outline that process, but it generally takes three to six months.

So join us in blessing the Vrbiceks and praying for God’s direction through this entire hiring process.

It’s a joy to serve with you, Pastor Greg