(30 slots)
Instructions: We will help sort clothes and other items for More Than A Bed, a foster and adoptive family resource center. Workers need to be 13+ years old to participate. Lunch will be provided.
Location: I-10 and Ina

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Entries for OSD - More Than a Bed Storage Unit

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Allan Ritz
Diane Hanson
Teresa Stephenson
Alan & Karen Huntington
Sam Hanson
Rindy Charllis
Halle Fisher
Jeanne Fisher
Leah Johnson
Heather Johnson
Jennifer Callaway
Jane Graham
Nancy Carlson
Jeannie Cormier
Allan G Ritz
Nancy Banyai
Tricia Weller
Ruth Ladd
Larissa Cornelius
Kyle Cornelius
Kadyn Fleischmann
Kalisha Fleischmann
Kyle Fleischmann
Sulee Edwards
Amanda Gardner
Janice Gardner
Grace Stocksdale
Displaying 1 - 27 of 27