(15 “painting” sign ups per house + 3 “foster children helper” sign ups per house)

Instructions: We will help paint 7 of GAP Ministries “Splash Homes” where approximately ten children live with full-time foster parents.

Workers need to be 11+ years old to participate. Lunch will be provided as will equipment. We do need step ladders and if you would like to bring other equipment you may, but it is not required.

Exact locations will be emailed out closer to the date.

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Entries for OSD - GAP House - Thornydale and Magee #2

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Name How would you like to help?
Bobby Drake Painting
Therese Pouilly Painting
Jay Hengelmann Painting
Joe Nowak Painting
Jody Nowak Painting
Taylor Dong Painting
Rinds Charllis Foster Children Helper
Sandy Charllis Painting
Leo Miranda Painting
Patty Baca Painting
Oscar Baca Painting
Colleen Gumm Painting
Steve Gumm Painting
Ivan Miranda Painting
Emma Goar Painting
Lynn Goar Painting
Name How would you like to help?
Displaying 1 - 16 of 16