Light Up Your Neighborhood
4th of July House Parties
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You are the light of the world.  Matthew 5:14

Light Up Your Neighborhood
Summer is a great opportunity to develop new friendships and strengthen old friendships with people from your neighborhood, work, your kids sports team, etc. We want to help you throw an awesome Light Up Your Neighborhood party.

What We Are Asking

  1. Host a 4th of July Party either individually or as a small group.
  2. Invite a few people over who do not go to church either from the neighborhood, work or other social settings.
  3. Enjoy developing some new friends.

We Want To Help You Host A Great Party
Pick up a Light Up Your Neighborhood host kit either during the weekend services (June 24/25 and July 1/2) or stop by the church office.

Ideas For Your Party:

  • Bubble Wand Party – Bring balloons, food, and the BEST part…bubble wands!  No matter your age, everyone LOVES bubbles.  This party will speak to the inner kid of us all.
  • Water Balloons & Spoons Race – This party is perfect for a HOT day…get some wood spoons, water balloons, friends and RACE your way to a fun filled day!
  • Sidewalk Chalk Festival – This is a fun way for adults to relax and chat while the kids get to go wild with sidewalk chalk.
  • Popcorn & A Movie Theme – Plan a popcorn and movie night outdoors!  Grab your favorite movie, popcorn, and invite all the neighbors to this outdoor awesome night!
  • Bean Bag Toss – A simple yet awesome game for kids and adults.  Get bean bags and bowls and have a contest to see who gets the most points.  You can even have a small prize for the winner.
  • Smores Party – Wow! I never knew there were so many ways to make smores.  Get your neighbors together to experiment with all different types of toppings and find the perfect smore for you.
  • Hang a piñata for adults and kids.
  • Host a limbo or dance contest.
  • Have a Group Grill-Off — When it’s time to cook food, have 8-10 neighbors bring their BBQs out onto the street and grill all the food together. This may not be an activity for the kids, but if does offer an opportunity for the adults to chat and work together.
  • Water Balloon Toss — This is a pretty straight forward activity. Fill some balloons and either play a game of catch, until only one team hasn’t broken their balloon. Or simply start a block-wide water fight.
  • Kid’s Bake Off — A kid’s bake off is great fun for them too. It’s the same set up with a required ingredient chosen by the previous winner and four or five judges choosing the winner. Some of the creations are….a little terrifying to eat…but kids love it. My kids mostly like taste testing as they create, ending up with a sugar rush.
  • Over/Under (need: one ball/large balloon per team) — Divide the children into teams and line them up. The first child takes the ball and passes it with both hands above his head to the child behind. The next child takes the ball and passes it through his legs to the child behind. The passing of the ball continues in this alternating fashion until it reaches the last child.
  • Bocce Ball (need: one little ball, 4-6 larger balls per player, equally sized) — Bocce ball is played with one little ball thrown out into a field. Then there are six other balls for each player. Those balls are thrown trying to be the closest to the little ball. The players are allowed to try to hit the other players games balls out of the way.
  • Homerun Derby (need: distance/height markers, bat and ball) — Establish the playing field by setting point values to different areas/heights/distances of the walls and floors or by cones. Each child gets 10 hits and gets points based on the designated values of the areas/heights/distances pre-determined.