The HOST acrostic stands for: Heart for God • Open your home for six weeks • Serve a few simple refreshments • Tell a few of your friends This is very important to the idea. We are not recruiting teachers or leaders. We are simply inviting people to open their homes for six weeks, serve some coffee and dessert and tell (invite) a few of their friends. When does this start? We recommend that your group start the week of February 22 and end the week of March 29. Do I need to prepare anything? No. We will hand you a packet at our orientation meeting that will have everything you need for your six week study. In that packet there will be a DVD that will walk your group through each session. All you have to do is hit “play.” What happens when the six-week commitment ends? With a good experience, you may decide to continue…but there’s no pressure to do that. It is so easy to feel disconnected in a growing church. That is why we believe Connection Groups are so vital. Being in a Connection Group best enables you to grow fully in your relationship with Jesus. How? In a Connection Group, you are surrounded by people who will become your close friends, who truly care for you and are willing to challenge you to deepen your relationship with God and be a support to you.