Stuck: The Places we Get Stuck & The God who Sets Us Free 
Starting Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Either 9am-10:30am or 6:30-8pm for 8
Cost $13
At New Life in Room #12
Childcare is 
Available Evening Class
Contact:  Zach Imboden at  

About this Study
So many of us live stuck. Stuck in trying to seem perfect. Stuck in sadness. Stuck feeling numb. Stuck pursuing more stuff to make us happy. Stuck in something we can’t even name. These stuck places often go unattended inside of us and they are shaping our lives more than we would like to think. We’ve been trying to fix this feeling with everything but…God.

He has a plan for these spaces inside of us, the places we feel broken, but we have to go to Him. Stuck is a journey to take an honest look at the fight going on inside, leading us to the God who has a plan to restore it, to restore us.