Before you begin:
1. Have you consulted with a Ministry Team Leader or Staff Member?
2. Has your event request been approved via the Facility Request Form (event approval is required before proceeding with the promotional request)?
3. Have you developed a description of your event for use in the promotion?
4. Have you updated the online web calendar to reflect this event (contact the office to get your event on this calendar)?

Submit your promotion request to the Communication Team (Executive Pastor) at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the start of promotion.

All promotional material and graphics must be approved prior to distribution. Submit to TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the start of promotion.

Once you submit this form, it will take a week to ten days for the Communication Team to meet, discuss, and decide on the event promotion. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please discuss these with the Communication Team at or Kyle Fleischmann, Executive Pastor (; 520-887-6447).