Cultivating a community that enjoys God and transforms the world through the Gospel.


The Gospel solves our most basic human problem: it frees us from sin and empowers us to live godly lives. It is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.  So we center our lives on the Gospel, which is the redemptive work of God on our behalf through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  In this we know we are saved by grace through faith.  We know we are forgiven and are made righteous because of what God has done.  This empowers all we do.  It shapes us, saves us, grows us, and invades every aspect of our lives.

Living Life Together

The Gospel changes us, frees us, and unites us in community.  Free from guilt and condemnation we encourage one another and fight the good fight together.  We are a redeemed family and lock arms in the adventure of life.  We love one another and spur one another on to good works.  We enjoy God together, live life together, belong to one another, and serve one another.

Developing Leaders

We develop Christians and send them in the power of the gospel to be leaders in every sphere of life (at home, at work, in neighborhoods, and in relationships).  Disciples follow Jesus, and because He is The Ultimate Leader, following Him makes us leaders.  Therefore, the church is a training center to teach people how to be a disciple – how to follow Jesus and how to lead.

Transforming Our Communities

Our community and world are transformed by the spread of the Gospel through the people of God.  So we partner with Christians around the world and strategically position ourselves in our own community to make Tucson a better place to live.  Put simply, we seek the welfare of our cities.  We are a resource for the community and serve it seeking spiritual and societal transformation in churches, homes, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, and government.

Enjoying the Sovereign God

God is all glorious and therefore is supremely satisfying.  From God, through God, and to God – everything exists for God and is purposed to find its highest pleasure in Him.  He is the sovereign all-knowing King of the universe who orchestrates every cause and every effect according to His own purposes and for His own glory.  In this, He is  a matchless treasure and the more we enjoy Him, the more He is glorified.  This mindset, that unites enjoying God with recognizing His sovereignty and glorifying Him, shapes our thinking and motivates us to live lives of worship.